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Photo Album

Last Updated 01 September 2003

Here are some photo collections we'd like to share, arranged by year and in reverse order of event (latest on top). Some of these pages may take a while to load for slow internet connections, such as dial-up. These photos will be updated often (hopefully).

The movie camera icon () indicates that there are downloadable movies on the page (additional software may be required).

2003 Watkins Glen State Park
2003 Algonquin Camping
2003 Cape Cod
2003 New Found Lake, New Hampshire
2003 Summer Soccer
2003 Niagara Falls
2003 Girl Scout Events
2003 Payton's Holy Communion
2003 Easter
2003 Nana's Birthday
2003 Skiing at Bristol Mountain
2003 Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner
2003 California Vacation
2002 Visit to Washington, D.C.  
2002 Christmas in Maryland  
2002 Winter Fun  
2002 Preparing for Christmas  
2002 Sunday School Christmas Pageant
2002 Thanksgiving at Nana's
2002 First Day of School  
2002 Algonquin Camping Trip  
2002 Cape May - Lewes Ferry
2002 Barretts Visit to Starigrad  
2002 Camp Cutler (Cub Scout Camp)
2002 Stipanov Family  
2002 Ocean City Vacation: Having Fun
2002 Ocean City Vacation: In the Water
2002 Ocean City Vacation: On the Beach
2002 Ocean City Vacation: Miniature Golfing
2002 Niagara Falls
2002 Visit to Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario
2001 Christmas
2001 Williamsburg: Fun in Town
2001 Williamsburg: Carriage Ride
2001 Williamsburg: Scenes from a Japanese Restaurant
2001 Robin's Shopping Trip to New York City
2001 Visiting Nana's House
2001 New York City Vacation
2001 Visiting The Michigan Hoffs
2001 Cousin Lucas' Birthday
2001 Kids Playing Soccer
2001 Visiting the Whalens

2000 Christmas

2000 Florida Vacation
2000 Algonquin Camping Trip
2000 Steven and Dennis' Birthday
2000 California Vacation
1999 Nana Skrtic's Grandchildren