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Photo Album - 2003 New Found Lake, New Hampshire

Last Updated 01 September 2003

Here are some pictures of our visit to Robin's sister's cottage at New Found Lake in New Hampshire.

Note: Apple QuickTime movies can be found at the end of the list below. In order to view these, you'll need the QuickTime viewer. If needed, click the icon to get the viewer.

On Scott and Gigi's boat.

Gigi waterskiing.

Scottie waterskiing.

Caroline in the shallows.

Gigi and Brendan.

Robin and Gigi in the shallows.

Lounging in the shallows.

Scott and Gigi.

Scottie and Steven lounging.

Suzy in the shallows with a visiting duck.

Suzy, Caroline and Brendan at the bow.

Brendan tubing.

Steven and Scottie tubing.

Suzy and a surprised Caroline tubing.

Suzy and Caroline tubing.

Suzy, Brendan and Caroline ready for tubing.

Suzy, Brendan and Caroline on their way.

Suzy, Brendan and Caroline making waves.

Dennis goes tubing.

QuickTime movies.

The Apple QuickTime Viewer is needed to view the multimedia files below. The files are compressed in ZIP format and can be uncompressed with a utility such as WinZip. Right click and save the file onto your PC and then uncompress the file locally. These files are large and may take a while to download and load.
Gigi Waterskiing (4.71 MB)
Scottie Waterskiing (3.23 MB)
Brendan Tubing (2.40 MB)
Steven and Scottie Tubing (1.59 MB) (hear Robin scream at the end)
Suzy and Caroline Tubing (5.95 MB)